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Prosperity Money Mindset System - Fast Track Worksheet Pack


What is this worth to you?

I’ve spent literally thousands of hours building, researching, and fine-tuning my formulas over the last decade so that I can give myself concrete evidence about why my income goals should be bigger, and why strategies such as billing by the hour are completely flawed.

These same formulas can be yours, and help you fast track your Money Mindset transformation from “poor” to “wealthy” 10x faster than it would take you to try and figure this stuff out on your own.

I’m not sure what your time is worth, but I would make a guess that you don’t want to spend thousands of hours creating spreadsheet formulas… And if your time is worth even $20 per hour to you, then you’re looking at a minimum of $20k to recreate this kind of intellectual property.

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Regular Price: $497 -- Today: $297

When you purchase this offer, you also get instant access to my "Prosperity Money Mindset System"...

The “Prosperity Money Mindset System” grants you instant access to a series of training videos extracted from my Mindsets, Money, Metrics, and Meanings digital course membership… These videos share the exact system I teach in my course. In the PDF report I share 5 widely held (but false) personal beliefs and ideas about money that will keep you stuck financially, what you need to know if you want to succeed financially without making compromises, and HOW to get a grip on your time and establish real personal financial targets. And the spreadsheets I am offering you will FAST TRACK YOUR RESULTS.


Prosperity Money Mindset Component #1

Core Training Video:

“4 Steps That Every Freelancer, Writer, Designer, Coder, Gig Worker, and Digital Entrepreneur Should Take to Recapture Their Time and Establish Exciting Financial Goals”

Prosperity Money Mindset Component #2


5 DREAM-KILLING FALSE BELIEFS & IDEAS ABOUT MONEY – That Freelancers, Designers, Developers, And Digital Startup Entrepreneurs Must Confront Before They Will Be Able Thrive Financially”

Prosperity Money Mindset Component #3

Mind Maps: 

Import these mind map files into MindMeister or FreeMind and dive in deep. These are the exact mind maps I use for my exclusive digital course membership Mindsets, Money, Metrics, and Meaning. 

Prosperity Money Mindset Component #4

Bonus Video: “Needs are Not Financial Goals”

Statistically, we are misinformed about finances. The input we receive from financial news, job postings, forums, and the groups we hang around – often results in our mindset becoming muddled about what our true financial targets should be.

Prosperity Money Mindset Component #5

Bonus Video: “5 Levels of Expense Projections”

Let’s get the common knowledge out of the way. If you follow the news, or job boards and forums for your financial advice – you will learn to make a lifelong attempt at reducing your life to zero.

Prosperity Money Mindset Component #6

Bonus Video: “Lifestyle Income vs Business Goals”

Illustrates how much greater our income goals should be in relation to what most freelancers, actually go for. Trigger a mindset switch and begin thinking of what steps and knowledge are needed to reach bigger financial goals.

Prosperity Money Mindset Component #7

Bonus Video: “Digital Sales Worksheet V1.0”

Often, success with a product or service has to do with price. If your product or service is priced right, and delivers value to the right niche, then you should be able to view activities such as buying traffic as an investment to acquire customers.

Prosperity Money Mindset Component #8

Checklists and Diagram: 

  • 4 Steps – High Level Overview
  • Checklist – The Process
  • Old Way vs New Way

Don't miss this opportunity to Get Results 10x Faster By Using My Proven Spreadsheet Calculators.

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Regular Price: $497 -- Today: $297

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Not at all. My courses are for anyone who want to learn more about user experience, building websites, and even money and metrics. I want you to get your online business started on the right foot and do my best to cover step-by-step frameworks that anyone can use. You get simple, practical information that can be put to use right away.


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I usually do not advertise a money back guarantee because of the nature of digital products. You cannot “unlearn” what I give you access to and some of this material has taken me literally years to produce or hundreds of hours of research, trial, and error – but I do stand behind my content, products, and services so if you find that it’s not for you and the materials do not help you then please reach out.


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