I am a front-end developer and UX designer by trade, but my true mission is to help young adults become better entrepreneurs, free agents, and value creators. I write about topics such as bridging mindset gaps, improving our personal user experience, capacity, website design, digital marketing, and identifying key money metrics.

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I write frequently about the challenges I encounter, and share my journey towards solving them. Failing forward paves the way for growth and success, and often through writing I gain deep insights into mindset, money, career, user experience design, business, and other intriguing topics. Feel free to dive into some of my recent posts and share your own thoughts with a comment.

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Making progress with a website or digital marketing project can be both difficult and time consuming. I would like to share with you many of the key insights I’ve discovered from my own experience that can provide a significant boost of positive results.

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Nathan Bray

Founder / UX / Design