Why Your Mindsets Matter

FREE LESSON FROM MINDSETS, MONEY, METRICS, AND MEANINGS COURSE: Before we get too deep into these lessons, I’d like to ask you one question, where the answer should be obvious…

Do you know the number one reason that keeps you from earning the income you want?

You guessed it! 

Your mindset is what makes the difference from being poor, to becoming rich. Every aspect of your life – your happiness, wealth and health – are all influenced by your emotional and mental dispositions.

When you have a positive mental attitude, it can help you to attain higher financial goals. 


It’s because a positive mental approach in life alleviates your mind from negative emotions that will ALWAYS hold you back and cause blocks in your progress. I’m talking about emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, worry, envy, regret, etc.

By giving in to negative thoughts and emotions, you are wasting both your emotional and mental energy that could instead be focused on more worthy goals.

This is going to be a big part of the work that you will need to do here - is to learn how to not give into negative emotions or thoughts. You’ll need to be in a continuous practice of not allowing negative thoughts to take up even a small amount of your mental and emotional space if you want to improve your chances of success and wealth. 

You will need to shift your mindset – thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions – to positive energy that fills your consciousness with an array of positive emotions - like love, peace, happiness, harmony and prosperity.

This is because when you constantly think positive thoughts, you will naturally build your self-confidence, and create an inviting personality that brings the right people to you – the kind of people that will make a difference in your life.

With a positive mental attitude, you will cultivate positive actions that create success.  While these actions and the definition of success are different for everyone - it could mean something as simple as dressing better, feeling better, having positive conversations with influential people, developing more conviction, and creating valuable solutions that are helpful to others. And through these actions you can expect positive outcomes that help you attain the results you want.

As human beings, we all have negative thoughts, some of us more than others - but rather than thinking about the lack of something in your life, practice and train yourself to think of prosperity and richness. Rather than thinking about bad health, think of vitality. Rather than thinking of loss, think about success and the goals that you want to achieve.

Basically, rather than thinking that achieving big financial goals are impossible, think it’s possible!

Be an optimistic person – not a pessimist. 

Ditch the worry and dread - allow your mind to be hopeful.

Face the fears that are ruling your mind - self-doubt will ruin your chances of success. 

You need to have faith if you are to be successful in your endeavors.

Think of mindset as your prayers. What if everything that you are asking for, really is coming into your life?

Mindset dictates if you are rich or poor, whether you are broke or have a grip of cash. 

Mindset determines if you are successful or unsuccessful or if you are lucky or unlucky. 

Your mental attitude dictates how you handle situations and the chances that come your way.

Having money is not what will make you rich or wealthy. Wealthy people tend to have a rich mental attitude, and “poor” people tend to have poor mental attitudes. 

And most of this is subconscious, meaning that many of us are unaware that we even have this attitude.

To understand this better, imagine two people – one has a rich optimistic mind while the other has a poor pessimistic mind.

Standing side-by-side on a road they both watch as their dream car drives by, and both look at the car in great admiration and watch as it disappears around the corner...

A person with the poor mind will shake their head, and immediately say "I’ll never be able to afford or get to have something like that, and it’s probably not the kind of car for me anyway."

Right there in that moment, his mode of thinking, automatically makes him believe that there is no possible way to attain the car.

It cuts off any possible emotional, mental or spiritual possibilities of it happening. Rather than thinking of possible solutions to have the car, he’s focused on the negative parts, and has basically prayed for it NOT to happen.

But the person with a rich mindset will start getting excited about the possibility of owning their dream car...

He’ll imagine owning the car and driving it, and start to work on possible solutions to make the dream a reality by using his emotional, spiritual and mental energy to set a target and become determined to see it come to life.

So let’s just recap and take a look at some differences between a Rich Mind vs. Poor Mind:

The rich mind:

  • Thinks of opportunities.
  • Is always looking for how things can be done.
  • Asks how to get something.
  • Asks what they need to use to attain something.
  • Sees beautiful things in life.
  • Sees opportunities, and pursues them.
  • Sees stepping stones.
  • Provides results.
  • Is confident they have an endless supply.
  • Believes life should be lived to the fullest.
  • Wants money and figures out how to get it.
  • Always has a purpose.
  • Sees value in money, but isn’t a slave to it.
  • Uses money to work for them.
  • Makes their own luck.
  • Strives to get what they want, and ensures this happens.

How does the poor mind think?

  • Thinks impracticalities.
  • Feels nothing can be achieved.
  • Feels they are undeserving.
  • Tells itself that they don’t have what it takes.
  • Sees danger lurking and does whatever to avoid them.
  • Sees impediments.
  • Sees a glass half full, and is filled with dread.
  • Will make excuses for how things come out.
  • Is all about limitations.
  • Is hesitant and unsure.
  • Thinks life is difficult and is riddled with obstacles.
  • Thinks poverty is a good or noble thing.
  • Constantly wishes they had money, but rejects it.
  • Only has wishes.
  • Lets money rule them.
  • Will always try to work harder for money.
  • Waits for their luck to happen, or just feels unlucky.
  • Goes through life in constant denial.
  • Cuts back on what they want and need...

So... what side will you be on, and how will you face life?

No matter what set of circumstances you face in your life, there is always a choice between negative and positive responses. 

How you see something is an aspect of your attitude toward life. This aspect has been filtering into you since you were a child. The outer world is merely a reflection of yourself on the inside.

If you want to create your own destiny, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of mental attitude do I have?
  • Am I an optimist or pessimist?
  • Do I consider myself rich or poor?

By knowing what your mindset is, you can begin to create the financial reality that you want.

Let me just repeat the very first paragraph in this lesson... Your mindset is what makes the difference from being poor, to becoming rich. Every aspect of your life – your happiness, wealth and health – are all influenced by your emotional and mental dispositions.

When you have a positive mental attitude, it can help you to attain higher financial goals. However, many of us DON'T embrace a positive mental attitude because we are biased as a result of our environments. 

Our environments also reinforce false beliefs or lies we tell ourselves that are subconsciously killing many of our financial aspirations, and that we must avoid as freelancers or digital entrepreneurs.

These are basically ideals that have been socially conditioned into many of our beliefs and have a profound impact on us. 

There are many more than I will share in this module, but the following next lessons are some beliefs that I feel have had a negative impact on my own financial situation over the years.

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