All warm and fuzzy…

And telling you what you want to hear.

We’re going to get into some topics here that will not be pleasant to hear, especially if you don’t like uncomfortable conversations. Keep in mind that I share this information because I care about my subscribers.

Let me cut to the chaise. I want to tell you why this content of mine that you are choosing to read, is different, and how it will get you a lot more return on your investment of time and money in me - than maybe choosing the flashier option.

First off, most of what you will find in online “make money” courses is based only on HOPE and wishful thinking.

It’s total garbage. 

The marketing for most of these courses is designed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy while they stroke your ego, and you day dream about the life on the other side.

Basically they butter you up, until you open your wallet up.

This kind of pandering comes in many forms but those that stand out in my mind are the flashy rich guy with all the toys, cars, planes, money, clothes, and women, that sells you on believing that you can be “just like him” with push-button riches. The bad news is that he’s going to teach you how to become a millionaire by copying and pasting your affiliate link to sell his “how to make money” digital product.

Then there are the fear-mongering secret elite types who use psychology and NLP by telling you micro-bytes of what you want to hear (and that you already know) - dressed up in big words and mysterious language. Kinda keeps you wondering and guessing what’s on the inside of their cool and awesome membership club, right!? Open up that wallet.

Much of this is presented in some form of hypnotic video sales letter with a smooth talker and  exciting music that keeps you in a trance on the edge of your seat, while you wait for the buy now button to appear. 

Don’t fall for that crap. Because secretly behind the scenes most of these types of people are one big train wreck. Failed marriages. Employees they pay dirt wages. Contractors they’ve ripped off. And massive debts hanging over their heads. 

That’s not what I do.

This is NOT “how to make money” content.

What I do is attempt to give you an honest opinion, supported with some real-world logic. I call out the corporate, “popular culture”, hustle-grind, mindset manipulation bullshit and help you to piece together the fundamental reasons why you may be failing financially - especially if you are freelancing or running a digital or creative agency type of business.

How? I go 10x or more levels deeper. Sure I could just tell you to charge more for your products or services - but you wouldn’t understand why. It takes some work to wrap our heads around how complex making these decisions can be.

Some lessons are long and seem boring but stick with me because we’re going to dive in deep with spreadsheets, calculations, and creative thinking. 

I break it down even further in writing, and using video...

So that we can make decisions based on data and logic.

To be clear, I have a lot of free content that yes I use for marketing purposes. I may recommend affiliate products once in a while that I can earn a small commission on. And I do have offers such as my membership, that I ask for payment.

So, if you are committed, then I’m committed to answering your questions the best I can to help you make a positive transformation for yourself.

And I will be sure to publish the exact steps, if and whenever I figure out, HOW to become independently rich and wealthy using any other method than WORK - by putting in the time, focusing on mindset growth, analyzing opportunities, and making logical decisions that provide value to others.

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