The sludge

Have you ever been frustrated because it feels like no matter how much work you do to make things flow smoother, ease stress, move faster, or reach bigger goals; that there always seems to be some issue, anchor, or blocker that slows you down and jams you up?

For example, maybe it could be that you plan and schedule events ahead of time so that the time in your day is used wisely and effectively, but no one around you makes an effort to coordinate with you, and thus your well thought out calendar just gets ignored and plans go by the wayside…

Or maybe you are an expert at what you do and you work fast and efficiently to get projects done, yet your clients or team always seem to foul something up or introduce some frivolous issue that drags out timelines and increases the stress you feel about the engagement. It feels like no longer do the words “I’ll get right back to you” actually mean “I’ll get right back to you” and rather it feels like they mean “It’s not going to happen any time soon, we’ll just ghost you until WE are ready and then we’ll overwhelm you with a whole bunch of requests all at once”…

Or another that I’ve experienced lately is having the ability to map out complex ideas for large amounts of useful, comprehensive, and complete content, but can’t seem to produce it fast enough due to my personal limits on time, energy, limited computing power (even on a 2 year old laptop), and slow upload speeds that prevent me from editing and publishing content as fast as I can create it. Thus leaving me feeling depleted, incomplete, and like I’m never going to get my course product launched exactly how I envision it.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like…

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Is there a solution?

The closest solution for myself that I’ve seemed to have found relating to these issues are two words:




Stay tuned for more on these topics coming up soon.

Be the cause.

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