Calling you out because this is URGENT.

Every once in a while it’s good to pick a fight and call out the B.S. so that’s what these next couple of lessons are going to be about...

Wouldn’t it be satisfying?

If someone like your kids or an employee, your tech guy, that freelancer you know, or even your gardener could approach you and ask...

“Hey {{first_name}}, what specific amount of income should I be looking to earn if I want to be able to provide for myself and my family, build a nest egg for my wife and I to retire one day, and pay for my kids education, plus live an amazing life today and into the future without stressing too much about money?”

And because you knew, you could confidently say with conviction -

“Well, most people seem to think that $100k a year or “6 figures” is a good start, but PLEASE don’t get hung up on that dangerously low number for very long.

If you want to live a kick ass life and have time, a nice place to live, some toys, and take some vacations each year -

It’s likely that you will need to consistently earn a minimum personal annual income of $500k - $5mil starting in your mid-late 20’s.

And you will need to accumulate anywhere from $10 million to upwards of $25 million cash in net assets to keep working for you.

Just don’t blow it

Would you like for me to tell you what I know about the best paths to get there?”

Or better yet, what if you had the courage and integrity…

…to reach out and tell this advice and these numbers to your kids, or people that you mentor, or help that you hired, because you noticed they were not yet aware that they were heading in the wrong direction?

and as a result of being open and clear about it, there would not be any financial loss, weirdness or resentment towards you... and only gratitude?

HELL YES! I would like to experience that positive breath of fresh air.

But for some reason I feel like most people will NOT take the path I mentioned above to help others and will likely continue to err on the negative side.

So if you choose not to help those around you with that simple life changing advice, then you could continue:

holding your cards tight,

beating around the bush, 

embracing a get mine attitude, 

stroking yourself as the highly accomplished superior that you are,

hiding and being sneaky, hush hush, clandestine, or shrouded in secrecy,

speaking down on others with a frustrated, cheap attitude, or “money doesn’t matter” comments,

spreading scarcity, fear, carrot on a stick, smoke and mirrors attitudes...

Yet, reaping the spoils of other peoples hard work to benefit you and your 5 closest buddies?

If you are on this email list… I am sure that list of negative insults does not apply to you - but it may apply to a segment of clients that you have or will work with during your freelance career. 

Be aware of it.

I love capitalism for many reasons. Mainly because I desire autonomy. And less government and people trying to control and regulate my life. And because of this, I don’t believe that everyone is just entitled to large sums of currency, especially those who just want to point fingers and blame and do nothing for themselves or those who wouldn’t do good for the world with it.

But this type of negative behavior of hiding the truth is the all too common modus operandi of power hungry executives, egomaniacs, insiders, cult like brotherhoods, wannabe high performers, and confused busyness type folks.

People who think and act like this, feel empowered to keep other people in the dark and under their thumb. 

They have a loose footing on their own personal power, want more power over you, and are terrified to lose it.

Let’s start a movement to change it.

For example, if your brother, sister, or Mom or Grandmother was getting beat up on the street - would you just stand by and watch silently?

I wouldn’t think so.


Although I personally don’t yet have a guaranteed step by step path to get to minimum $500k to $5 million income annually and $10 million to upwards of $25 million in capital working for me, I am confident that this is a good number to start to focus on, so that I can figure out HOW to take the next steps.

Yes, I’m calling you out. 

And now that you know, don’t be stingy or keep it a secret. 

Uplift those around you. 

A rising tide raises all ships. 

See you on the other side!


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PS: Here is the big difference between me, and your run of the mill financial advisor...

First, I’m not a financial advisor. So you can be certain that you SHOULD do your own homework and probably talk to a licensed financial advisor before making any life altering financial decisions. 

However, I am going to say things that your every day run of the mill financial advisor probably won’t say - maybe because they are not allowed, or they are worried that they are going to upset someone. 

I don’t want to focus on scarcity, and saving small amounts of money over long periods of time. My goal is to focus on abundance supported by some logic. 

These are my truths, plus some commentary for marketing and entertainment value. 

However, I would love to join up with a financial advisor or two as this site gets some momentum so that I do have someone to refer my customers to for result focused wealth building investment advice. 

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